Friday, July 6, 2012

Menu Plan: July 6-15

Welcome back! I have been absent all week due to issues with my laptop. We officially started our grain-free at home journey this month. Since we do not have any known allergy or intolerance to grains, we will still eat them if we are served them in other peoples homes, but will make wise choices when we eat out to avoid them as much as possible. The only exception to this, of course, is Julian, who will not eat grains until his first year molars come in. The way that we eat grains is grossly distorted from how they used to be consumed and I am convinced this affects our health as a nation. Considering the government still recommends a large portion of your daily intake come from grains, many Americans are consuming WAY too many and not the right ones when they do. But, I digress.

Here is our menu for the next week or so:

  • Friday: Chocolate zucchini muffins and fruit
  • Saturday: Coconut flour pancakes and bacon
  • Sunday: Eggs w/ sausage and fruit
  • Monday: Chocolate zucchini muffins and fruit
  • Tuesday: Eggs w/ salsa and fruit
  • Wednesday: Almond flour muffins and fruit
  • Thursday: Eggs w/ sausage and fruit
  • Friday: Almond flour muffins and fruit
  • Saturday: Coconut flour pancakes and bacon
  • Sunday: Eggs w/ sausage and fruit

My husband takes a packed lunch (or dinner, if he works third shift) when he is working at the hospital, which consists of peanut butter and jelly or honey between two pancakes, veggies, fruit and a dessert. If he is working at the office, he eats lunch out, much to my chagrin! Julian and I had been eating leftovers, but too many times we were finishing everything at dinner, which left us with nothing for lunch the next day. I am going to try doing snacky style lunches for him and I. We will have smoothies and veggies everyday and rotate between hardboiled eggs and beans with cheese. He is typically home for lunch on Saturdays and we eat lunch at church on Sunday afternoons.
  • Saturday: Pigs in a blanket, veggies and fruit
  • Sunday: @ church
  • Saturday: Shrimp curry w/ quinoa and smoothies
  • Sunday: @ church
  •  Friday: with friends, bringing a salad
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Salmon patties, veggies and fruit
  • Monday: Chicken and potatoes
  • Tuesday: Leftovers
  • Wednesday: Red-Red w/quinoa and sauteed bananas
  • Thursday: Salmon, veggies and potatoes
  • Friday: Chicken cakes and veggies
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Pigs in a blanket and bananas
What are you feeding your family lately?

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