Thursday, October 27, 2011


Chicago is a significant place for our family. I spent three years living in the city going to school at Moody Bible Institute and, while Kerry and I met in Ohio, we spent the first part of our dating relationship together in Chicago and the second part long distance with one of us traveling to or from Peoria or Chicago most weekends so we could be together. Our first date and first Valentine's Day together took place there. So, needless to say, Chicago holds a special place in our hearts!

Two weeks ago (I know, I am late getting this post up!) we had the opportunity to travel there again, Kerry for school and me to visit dear friends. It was a wonderful time for both of us, as Kerry had the great opportunity to present his research findings at Argonne and I was able to catch up with my dear college friends and hear what the Lord is doing in and through them. It was especially wonderful to see Janie, my best friend from college and a bridesmaid from my wedding, who I had not seen since last November. With the exception of my roommate, none of those girls had gotten to meet Julian yet, either, so it was special to be able to introduce them all to my son. We spent several hours talking and catching up and walking the streets of Chicago, getting ice cream (cider for me!), burritos and free chocolate samples. It was a wonderful time of refreshment and I am so thankful the Lord allowed me the opportunity to visit.

All of us, minus Hailey and Hilary

The Storms' and the Sliger's in front of Inspiration Kitchen
On Saturday, we met up with good friends from church and visited the Shedd aquarium as well as a very cool restaurant, Inspiration Kitchen (highly recommended, by the way!). Julian and Eli did great all day long, and I think Simeon would have been happy to just ride the train all day! We had a great time exploring the city with these guys and are so blessed to have them as friends.

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