Saturday, January 7, 2012

Julian: 8 months

Julian turned eight months old on Thursday!

He looks so old to me lately! We don't have a well baby check-up until February, so I don't have his current weight, but I can tell he is growing just fine...check out those adorable baby belly rolls :) Two bottom teeth are pushing their way through, but have not completely surfaced yet. Don't worry, I DEFINITELY know they are there! He is still nursing wonderfully, about six times a day, and eating twice a day. His current favorite foods are cucumbers and apples. He sits up beautifully and scoots/pivots using his hands and bottom. No signs of crawling yet, much to Kerry's chagrin! This chagrin is mostly my fault because I mentioned in passing something I read or heard (I cant find it now) that talked about the relationship between crawling and math skills later in life. Now he is fixated on Julian crawling! 

Here is one more picture showing just how big our little man is!

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