Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How I met my husband

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the day that my husband and I met. Although we officially met on November 22nd of 2008, the story starts a few years before that...

Junior High Bible quizzing champions 2004

 August 2004: Kerry was with his youth group from Eureka Bible Church at Critical Mass, a youth convention/quiz-off for the youth from the FEC churches all over the US. I was participating in the Bible quiz competition that year and Kerry was there to watch quizzing and to attend the youth convention. He remembers seeing me on stage accepting the trophy in the above picture on behalf of my team.

September 2006: I, along with a few friends from my high school, went to a concert at the University of Illinois. One of the girls who came with our group had an older brother who went to the University of Illinois and lived at Koinonia, the Christian cooperative house at U of I. This is where Kerry went to school and lived, as well. We got to campus a little early for the concert, so we stopped by Koinonia to see my friend's brother. At this point, I still did not know who Kerry was, but he knew of me from the Bible quiz competition in 2004. He remembers passing me on the stairs at Koinonia.

November 22nd, 2008: I was in the middle of my second semester at Moody Bible Institute. Kerry was in his last semester at the University of Illinois. We were both in Archbold, Ohio for the fall Bible quizzing competition. We had, separate from each other, decided to sign up to quiz master for the competition that weekend. My friend Erin and I rode up on a bus with Grace church from Morton and stayed with a local Archbold couple Friday night. Saturday morning there was a quiz masters meeting at 8 am at the church. Erin and I got there and sat in the front row, ready to get our instructions. I knew going into the weekend that I was paired up with Kerry Storms, but I still did not know who that was. Bruce, the head of the quiz program, led the group of us in prayer and told us to split up into odd and even quiz readers to go over our quiz questions for the day. This was great, except for the fact that I had forgotten my questions. So, Bruce pointed me in the direction of Kerry and I ever so sweetly asked him if I could have his even quizzes, since he was reading the odd ones. He obliged, and we split off with the other even and odd readers. What a great first impression... After going over our questions, we got together with the person we were quiz mastering with and our timer. Our trio in room B was Kerry, my friend Erin and me. We got settled in and Kerry and I asked the obligatory get-to-know-you questions. We ended up finding out that we had quite a bit in common and that he was coming to Moody in January for graduate school. This gave us plenty to talk about for the eight or so hours we were quiz mastering, but I felt like I would have talked that much with anyone that I was with for that long, so I did not think anything of it. Now that I really know Kerry, looking back I know that him talking that much with someone he just met (or really with anyone!) is WAY out of character. We finished up our quiz duties and moved to the sanctuary for the final match. We sat with the groups we came with, so Kerry was on one side of the sanctuary and I was on the other. About halfway through the quiz, I remember Erin leaning over and remarking that Kerry was staring at me. I slowly turned towards the side of the sanctuary where he was sitting and, sure enough, caught him staring at me! After the final quiz was over, he sought me out to say goodbye since his group was leaving to head home. Little did I know how the Lord was working that day in Archbold to bring my husband and I together!

Check back and in January I will tell the story of how my husband and I started dating.

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  1. hey! how fun to see you have a blog! i liked reading this story since i never really understood how you guys met (though i knew it was quiz mastering) - and yes, i can vouch that kerry talking that much with anyone would have been quite extraordinary!


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